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Have you got the idea for an incredible business burning inside you?

Are you ready to use your passion to reap the rewards you deserve?

Do you understand exactly what’s needed to start and maintain your dream business?

Unfortunately, this is where many potential entrepreneurs fail.

You may have the passion, talent, or expertise to start your own business…BUT are you ready to put in the groundwork to make it happen for you?

When you sign up for The Legacy Business School, you’ll get the tools, support, and confidence needed to turn your creative idea into a profitable start-up business and a flourishing brand.

Imagine your passion and talent unlocking all of the following:

The freedom to be yourself…

To spend your working hours doing what you love…

To transform your creativity into profits…

To fulfilment of all your ambitions and aspirations…

and to truly enjoy your life!

Let me tell you my story, and the history of The Legacy Business School...

My name is Nimisha Brahmbhatt, an intuitive business strategist and entrepreneur, and over the past ten years I’ve advised businesses from pioneering start-ups to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies (such as Shell and EDF).

My education and experiences have given me a unique and extraordinary ability to understand what entrepreneurs need to transform their ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses. As well as supporting other entrepreneurs on their business journeys, I’m Creative Director for the fashion brand Maahira, patron of the Leaving a Legacy Foundation¹, and, of course founder of The Legacy Business School.

I’ve experienced great successes, and they along with the occasional failure have given me the unique life skills and business experience to have a real impact on people just like you who want more out of life than the nine-to-five grind working for someone else.

My vision for you? To dream bigger, achieve more, stop holding back, and start realising your true potential. Through your work with The Legacy Business School we’ll get you deep into your own self and thinking seriously and strategically about your future business.

Are you ready to start on your individual path to success?

The Legacy Business School introduces Start, an in-depth online course that’s going to take you step-by-step through the process of preparing to start a business that’s prepped to succeed! When you sign up, you’ll get expert support in the form of video lessons, inspirational interviews, real life case studies, exercises, worksheets, and much more.

Module One: What are You Going to Sell?

This may seem like an obvious question, but how deeply have you really gone into your products or services? This module will help you recognise all of your strengths, funnel your products/services, and get clear on the customer focused aspect of what you’re selling.

Module Two: Who are You Going to Sell to?

Delve further into who your ideal client is – and you’ll take away a true understanding of who it is who is going to buy from you. Get to know them, recognise their strengths, and map out their customer journey with your business.

Module Three: How Are We Going to Sell?

Discover how to get visibility for your business, how to convert prospects into clients, and how you’re going to map out your sales process. From a basic understanding of sales to key lessons about sales funnels, you’ll come away knowing exactly what you’ll need to succeed!

Module Four: Why Are You Doing This?

Probably the most important question you need to ask yourself, so we’ll take you through exactly what your motivation is for planning your own business. You’ll look closely at your values, translating them into your business objectives, values, and mission statement, look at how you’re ‘why’ will fundamentally drive your business, and pull it all together into your business plan.


Great! All you need to do is decide on your membership level, and you have three to choose from:

Bronze Membership


  • Four in-depth modules.
  • Videos that include informative screen share lessons, engaging lectures, inspirational interviews, case, studies, emailed ‘keeping you on track’ videos, and more.
  • Valuable PDFs and worksheets to accompany what you’re learning.

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Silver Membership


  • Four in-depth modules.
  • Videos that include informative screen share lessons, engaging lectures, inspirational interviews, case, studies, emailed ‘keeping you on track’ videos, and more.
  • Valuable PDFs and worksheets to accompany what you’re learning.
  • Access to ‘Office Hours’ calls with Nimisha.
  • Membership to The Club for 30 days – network with other entrepreneurs and get their support, and access invaluable resources and content.

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Gold Membership


  • Four in-depth modules.
  • Videos that include informative screen share lessons, engaging lectures, inspirational interviews, case, studies, emailed ‘keeping you on track’ videos, and more.
  • Valuable PDFs and worksheets to accompany what you’re learning.
  • Access to ‘Office Hours’ calls with Nimisha.
  • Membership to The Club for 30 days – network with other entrepreneurs and get their support, and access invaluable resources and content.
  • Two hours of one-to-one time with Nimisha, to be taken over the course of one month.

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Introducing…The Club (free for two months with Silver and Gold membership)...

An incredible community of like-minded people who want to support each other to create, build, and expand their businesses, as well as raising the consciousness of the world around them.

Founded on the 3 pillars of what I consider to be essential to all entrepreneurs - mindset + business strategy + spirituality.

Mindset = YOU

Working on your mindset and how you feel about and your vision for your business is the foundation of having a happy business and a happy life.


Working on growing your business will largely be about developing the right strategies and implementing the right processes, tools, and tech.

Spirituality = YOUR RESULTS

Now this is where things get interesting…

We all know that you need a great business strategy in place. We also know the importance of your mindset.

So where does spirituality fit?

This is about honouring the human being who is running the business and making the tough decisions – that’s you!

Your membership includes…

  • A library of videos, cheat-sheets, and templates to help your business truly grow.
  • Bi-weekly live group video calls with guest experts.
  • The member’s notice board for you to ask a question or share your struggles, getting solution-focussed answers and support from the community.

What Others Say About The Legacy Business School...

Dr. V Abernathy

Nimisha Brahmbhatt I wish there was a way to Zoom a big hug and high-five to you! You are a joy to work with! I’m still FEASTING off of all the “Juicy” (your word 😊) direction you’ve given in my now 2 or 3 STRATEGY-building, RESULTS-Yielding Sessions with you! No gimmicks, no “guess what’s in Nimisha’s head” games! No hand-holding needed! You ask all the right questions that pull for what is already in us! In my field, we call it Motivational Interviewing! You help us focus most on what we say than what we hear you say!
Inspired by the a-ha moments, fostered by each clarifying question, drawing out our own MOTIVATIONS for building our brands —you’re a gracious (with healthy boundaries) guide and I’m grateful to be journeying this way with you! ~Vanessa a.k.a Dr. A (P.s. my group just went to the next level this week! Engagement & “Skin in the Game!”) 😉

Sara Brandis

As a fairly new entrepreneur of just 18 months, I’ve learned the hard way about the importance of having the right support in place. My first year in business was a lonely one!Having a place to go and ask Nimisha and the team any question that are troubling me has been so valuable. Instead of spending hours researching, I can ask someone who knows the answer.
I know there are a lot of business coaches out there on social media – but I chose Nimisha for her background. Along with her experience, I’m also really into her methodology of combining spirituality with the business stuff – and dare I say it, talking about emotions too!
I love that we can talk holistically about the whole expereince of being in business; from the money-making end to the human end, and everything in between. Today I am more confident, and taking bigger steps in my business.

Sharon Daley

Prior to my 90 minute session I was struggling with what direction to take my business and wanted a strategy to support me in achieving my business objectives. I wanted to understand how I could leverage my current Client base and existing knowledge to start building awareness of my work and income for my business.
Together we worked on getting clearer on my offerings based on my clients needs, including clarity on what where I could cross-sell to clients and up-sell aswell! I felt more confident about the direction I was taking my businesss having got the advice from Nimisha.

Radhika Maya

Together we worked to identify my ideal clients, so I could visualise who I needed to target when developing products and services, and how to market these services to my ideal clients. Following that, we covered more practical elements: becoming visible to my target market using a stronger brand identify; developing strategies and insights on how to best leverage various media, and which platforms I was most likely to reach my target market. All these objectives led to the important core question of how much money I wanted to make to support my business objectives.

I’m so confident that signing up for Start will be the right choice for you, that if I’m wrong, I’ll give you 100% of your money back!

That’s right, if you decide within 30 days of signing up to The Legacy Business School that it’s not the right fit for you, all you need to do is let me know and I’ll refund your money…no questions asked. My mission is to give you that little push in the right direction you need, and the clarity and focus to build your future business to its greatest potential, so of course I want to make signing up completely risk free for you.

So what are you waiting for? Your future success living a life of happiness and freedom is just around the corner…all you need to do is say YES!

Sign Up for the Course Now!

To realizing your true potential,
Nimisha Brahmbhatt

The Legacy Business School

P.S. If you’re at the early stages of STARTing your legacy, all you need is the right advice and the right time – and The Legacy Business School has all that for you. Gain the tools, support, and practical skills you need to make your new business a roaring success!

P.P.S. If you know you’re destined for more than working for someone else, don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from fulfilling your true potential – sign up today, risk free!

¹To exemplify how business can impact social change Nimisha recently started a CIC, Leaving a Legacy, to redirect company profits and resources to grassroots projects around the world that are impacting social change from the ground up. What’s unique about our business is that 11% of the income earned through services is redirected into the Leaving a Legacy Foundation. Clients and students are welcome to submit grassroots projects that they would like to see funded, and every 6 months the collections of the funds go to the highest impacting project that, according to the foundations principles, is creating sustainable, purposeful, immediate, and lasting impact.

Furthermore, through the school, students who have proposed projects that win will have the opportunity to work on secondment from the school with the projects on the ground, building up not only their entrepreneurial and social impact skills but giving them ‘on the ground’ experience of how to impact social change, ultimately building more conscious leaders.